Misanthrope and socially awkward

I'm more annoying than some people and less annoying than most.

You will never see me cheer for anything. This is especially true if you're blind. In which case, how are you even reading this?

This is literally the stupidest fucking shit I’ve ever read.

Actually, the part where she says the press deems those programs “quality” that are successful in the 18-34 demographic is even more idiotic.

what if this was the last thing i posted here

this guy is actually so legit

a new persona molded by flame
an exoskeleton made out of shame
but underneath it’s all still the same
i am to blame i am to blame

yo, get pumped!!!!!

You can’t just slap SnK’s OP onto everything.



Sure, Breaking Bad just had its finale, but more importantly, The Good Wife is back!

>mfw az itt lakóknak azt jelenti a szelektív gyűjtés, hogy külön zsákba rakják a műanyagot/papírt/üveget, aztán mindet bebasszák a kommunális tartóba.

this is just a place where i store embarrassing songs now. who gives a shit